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  • November Natural Talks From The Herb Bar

    The Herb Bar hosts Natural Talks every Saturday, from 10:30 to 11:30 am. November talks: Home Funeral and Green Burial, November 1st. Death is a normal and natural family experience, a transition that we all face. In the past, memorial arrangements were made exclusively by family. That tradition can still be honored. Attend this talk to learn about natural and family-oriented end-of-life options.  •  Intro to Pure Soul Alchemy & Pure Soul Alchemy Group Session, November 8th. Come learn and be a part of a powerful transformational healing session! Be prepared to experience a profound shift. Bring one issue that has been troubling you that will be added to the group session for Divine Catalystic Assistance. Pure Soul Alchemy is a Channeled Energetic Field where transformative operations and procedures are transmitted and enacted for you while you comfortably relax. People often report feeling like a weight has been lifted from them and that their reality has been reconfigured to a more positive and liberated place of openness.  •  Fundamentals of Intimacy: Relaxing into Safety and Surrender, November 15th. For singles or partners, experience new ways to hear, see, and be with others that invite relaxation, transparency and pleasure. Enjoy simple and elegant exercises where you experience your body from the inside out, discover how to heighten sensations, and express your awareness, moment to moment, in unarguable truths. Practice engaging with others while staying connected to yourself. In a comfortable and sacred setting learn simple techniques to enhance your relationships with more safety, spontaneity, and connection. • Cruising thru the Holidays! And Unusual Gifts!  During the holidays many of us can have a variety of emotions that move through us including sadness, disappointment, feeling alone and the post-holidays blues. This talk will provide helpful tips on cruising through this delicate time with the utmost ease so we can fully enjoy the season. Additionally, the talk will offer some interesting gift suggestions for both yourself and others. Join in for a lively and entertaining discussion!

  • Art on 5th - Movie Poster Sale

    Art on 5th Gallery is hosting a 1-day only sale with 15% Off over 400 original Movie Posters. The thought of missing out on this Halloween Day Sale really is spooky!

  • Artisan Events at Breed & Co.

    Breed & Co. invites you to the Housewares Launch Event, Saturday, November 1st at their West Lake Hills Location, 2:00 - 5:00 PM. Meet Cheif Designer, Rebecca Finell and see her new collection of high-design tableware and handbags.  See master artisan Alessandro Taddei and his beautiful work at this special event. Taddei will sign your new Vietri purchases with Italian phrases as he tells the stories behind his creations. It's the perfect time to find the ultimate Italian gifts for the holiday season. Items may be purchased early and left at the Westlake Location. Artisan event at Westlake location only, 20% off sale at both locations. Artisan Event will be held Friday, November 7th, 1:00 PM - 5:00 PM.


  • Christmastime At Things Celtic

    Christmas has come to Things Celtic. They've already started receiving shipments of beautiful Celtic Christmas ornaments. From lovely bronze-plated Irish ornaments to whimsical decoupage baubles, browse their selection online or in the store.  •  Things Celtic has been featuring the finest Celtic products from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and American Celtic artists since 1997, with a wide variety of bath and beauty products, jewelry, home decor, clothes, music, and much more. Shop in their Central Austin store or online.    Have fun with Celtic trivia each month in the e-newsletter, and if you answer correctly you could win a prize!


  • Freestyle Language Center hosts Fall Events

    Freestyle Language Center recognizes the importance of spontaneous conversation to language learning and fluency, and provide relevant, fun, social contexts in which to learn Spanish, Portuguese, French, and Italian. Check out the upcoming Fall Sessions and special outings.  •  Join them Friday, November 7th, 6:30 - 8 PM for a trilingual wine tasting in French and Italian (and English!) at The Austin Wine Merchant. RSVP here.   •  Freestyle and Esquina Tango Austin will join together for a Spanish Dance Party on Friday, November 21st. Have fun learning tango moves and terms in your own language! Suggested donation of $5 - $10.  

  • Planet K Presents Dias De Los Muertos Fireworks

    Planet K Presents Dias De Los Muertos Texas Fireworks. Fireworks will take place in Austin on Friday, October 31st, and San Antonio on Sunday, November 2nd. Both are free to the public. The Austin Fireworks will be held at 9:30 PM behind Kreig Field, East of Pleasant Valley Road. Thousands of people will gather with Planet K to pay tribute to loved ones, come together as a community, rejoice in the holiday and kick of Planet K's special month of giving.The Austin Fireworks will benefit the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas, House the Homeless, and Austin Harm Reduction Coalition.

  • November Events at Waterloo Records

    Waterloo Records will once again be hosting artist signings at Fun Fun Fun Fest. See the schedule and stop by to meet and greet with your favorite bands!   Upcoming In Store Performances: Moonlight Towers, Wednesday, November 11th •  Conspirare, Thursday, November 20th  •  Alvvays, Friday, November 21st

  • Thanksgiving Classes from Wheatsville Co-Op

    Wheatsville Food Co-op has several upcoming classes to help you master this holiday season! Vegan Thanksgiving With All The Trimmings! Cooking Class. November 8th, 2 PM - 4 PM. Beth and Becky Taylor will share their holiday favorites from their new cookbook 'Vegan Duet'. Using their own locally made Hearty Vegan Tempeh as the centerpiece, they will demonstrate how to prepare a vegan Thanksgiving with all the trimmings, starting with a rich and creamy Butternut Squash Soup and ending with flaky vegan pie crust. $35 for the class. 4001 South Lamar Community Room    Find the current sales & specials and owners deals here.

  • Free Class at Brite Ideas Aquaponics, Hydroponics & Organics

    Brite Ideas Aquaponics, Hydroponics & Organics invites you to join a FREE class at their South Austin location Saturday, November 1st. Jason Avent will present on the "lost arts" of Sprouting, Fermentation, and Canning. Learn about the health and nutritional benefits of the “good” processing of foods. Sprouting is an ancient technique for improving the nutritional content and digestibility of foods. (See Ezekiel 4:9) Fermentation is a way to create more digestible, flavorful and nutritious foods that resist spoilage.Canning is the system for preserving ready to use foods in jars (not cans) so that the surplus of one season can be consumed in the next. This class will cover means for safe canning as well as new technology for visually detecting spoilage of canned foods due to oxidation.

  • Dia De Los Muertos at El Interior

    El Interior reminds you that Dia De Los Muertos is November 1st. See their full selection of gifts and decor at the West Lynn location or browse their online folk art section.    El Interior is a boutique specializing in unique finds and handmade merchandise from Mexico and Guatemala, has an array of clothing for men, women, and kids made with indigenous designs and materials to weather the summer in cool style. Shop online or at their store in the West Lynn IBIZ District

  • Your Remodel: The Keys to Success by CG&S

    CG&S Design Build is offering a free talk November 15th, 10:30 am - 12 pm on how to master your upcoming house remodel. If you're looking to do a remodel but don't know where to start, CG&S is here to help! This free and informative workshop will get you started on the path to success. Remodeling your home can be complex and overwhelming. Let CG&S decode the mystery behind the remodeling process with this step-by-step explanation of the design phase all the way through construction. This workshop will be hosted at Texas Shade and Sun, 11813 Farm To Market 2244, Austin, TX 78738.

  • Forbidden Fruit Invites You to the Zombie Ball

    Forbidden Fruit, Austin Chronicle's "Best Naughty Business" 17 years in a row, invites you to join them at the 6th annual Zombie Ball Masquerade on October 31st. Show your ZB tickets and get 20% off your costume related purchase!  •  Forbidden Fruit offers frequent workshops for every adult in a safe and fun environment, now including American Sign Language interpretation.    The storefront is located in the North Loop IBIZ District.

  • Bark 'n Purr offers Halloween Safety Tips

    Bark 'n Purr, Austin's healthiest pet store, would like to remind you of the A - Z's of keeping your pet safe this Halloween! Once you've ensured that Fluffy and Fido will be safe this holiday season, stop by to pick up a new costume for your own little hot dog. 

  • Upcoming Events from BookPeople

    BookPeople is pleased to announce the master of terror, R. L. Stine is coming to BookPeople on November 15th, at 12 PM for a speaking and signing. The speaking portion of the event is free to the public, tickets are required for the book signing.  •  Upcoming Events: Edward Carey, October 29th; Terry Thomas-Anderson, October 30th; Trick or Treat for Books, October 31st. See their calendar for a full list of upcoming events.

  • Upcoming Performances at End of an Ear

    End of an Ear is hosting the following bands: ST37, November 1st at 6 PM; Simian Ghost, November 2nd at 4 PM; Flesh Lights, November 3rd at 6 PM   End of an Ear will be closing early Friday, October 31st, for Halloween.    Go to the website and sign up for emails to receive news on exclusive package deals, new releases, and upcoming shows.    End of an Ear is located in the South First IBIZ District.

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