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(September 20, 2011) - AIBA has won an Excellence in Economic Development award for our IBIZ Districts from the International Economic Development Council (IEDC). The competition was considerable among all cities with populations of more than 500,000. The IBIZ Districts won in the category of Neighborhood Development Initiatives.

Rebekka Adams, AIBA IBIZ District DirectorThe IBIZ District program was launched by AIBA in 2004 with Guadalupe from 29th St. to 32nd St. (now North Drag IBIZ District) as our first district. In 2006 the City of Austin, through the Small Business Development Program (SBDP), became a partner in the program. Today we have eight distinctive districts that are partially funded by SBDP.

Current districts include East End IBIZ District, East Sixth IBIZ District, Lo-Burn IBIZ District, North Drag IBIZ District, North Loop IBIZ District, South First IBIZ District, South Lamar IBIZ District and West Lynn IBIZ District.

The IBIZ Districts help call attention to all locally owned businesses and help spread the message to buy locally. The IBIZ Districts have pitched in on the Shop Local for the Holidays campaign with a Window Shopping Contest. The contest has helped to bring media attention to shopping locally for the holidays through multiple print and broadcast channels.

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