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Central Texas studies show that companies who have sales in more than one international market earn 17% more profits than their peers and also stay in business 10 years longer, on average. These are both amazing figures and worth exploring! And actually your City of Austin’s Economic Development Department is actively working to attract international opportunities on your behalf. Our city is famous around the world for the quality of life that is defined by our shared values and a sense of place that is united by music, fun and a unique vibe for weird. 
The City’s Economic Development Department is leveraging this relatively new brand to make sure that companies, investors, and audiences for all Austin products are familiar with our location and business base around the world.  Austin may be the Live Music Capital of the World, but it is a great place to do business, too – and your Economic Development Department is looking for more opportunities to exhilarate your businesses opportunities at home by importing new and collaborative partners, while helping to export your products and services into different markets.  
How you can begin this exploration? The Economic Development Department has the resources to help you build your international strategy. The department, along with several of our community partners, such as chambers of commerce, universities and international organizations, came together as ATXBound several years ago. As a growing collaborative network for all things international, ATXBound can help you identify which international markets have similar profiles as your target markets and we have the connections needed to help you deploy your global action plan. 
We don’t want the words “international” and “global” to seem overwhelming or scary so, when you are ready, we have a variety of options available to help you pursue these endeavors for business development at your own pace. ATXBound partners offer annual trade delegations to different markets on an annual basis and provide a full agenda that helps to provide businesses with an orientation of each market, connections to business services in each market, and business-to-business meetings. Our services also includes elements of business coaching and incubation opportunities for a “soft landing” into a variety of foreign markets. 
You’ll have a lot of questions as you get going on this and the City of Austin and ATXBound partners are happy to help you navigate each of them through our connected and collaborative partnerships around the world. After you’ve got a clear picture of your customer profile pull out a map and give the City of Austin a call (512) 974-6416,!
Casey Smith 
International Program Manager
Global Business Expansion Division 
Economic Development Department
City of Austin