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I can’t help but notice the local change in Austin. Ten years ago, you might have seen an ad with “Family Owned and Operated” in tiny print at the bottom. Today, we shout “Locally Owned” from the top of our lungs in all forms of marketing. Why? Because local business owners recognize that local is a value embraced by their customers. Why? Because AIBA has been enlightening, educating and wooing your customers for more than fifteen years. 
So what about you, local business owner? Now that you see the value in your customers shopping locally, do you? Where do you buy all the goods and services needed for your business? Granted, you can’t buy everything locally but you can shift as much as possible to your fellow local businesses.
Need office supplies? Localize It. Need an accountant? Skip the national firms and Localize It. Same with employee benefits, insurance and payroll services—Localize It. Office furniture, vending services, decor—Localize It! Most of your needs can be taken care of by a local company.
And this is what the AIBA Community is all about—supporting one another and growing all our businesses. Before you make that next purchase, from paper clips to cars, Localize It!