Goal Updates
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City of Austin

1. Hire a Local Business Director.
2/1/14  The Leadership Circle focused on this in our Jan. 21 meeting. We have written a job description to present to city council that is in the final stages of approval by the Leadership Circle. We will seek to enlist other organizations in supporting this.
2/28/14  Members of the Leadership Circle and AIBA Executive Director Rebecca Melancon met with each city council member during the month of February to present the outline and job description for the Local Business Director. These meetings went well with general support for the position in some form.
2. Improve the process in the permitting department.
2/1/14  AIBA has been working closely with the committee rewriting the Land Development Code on this. We are in the process of gathering documented stories from local businesses to present to the committee and the city council.
3/5/14  Rebecca Melancon met with Greg Guernsey, Director to discuss this goal and AIBA's participation in resolving problems.
3/11/14  The Leadership Circle met to compile a list of specific items for permitting to address.
4/8/14  The Leadership Circle met with Greg Guernsey to discuss this list. Talks went well. Next step is to work with Greg on a timeline for achieving these items.
3. Improve approach and implementation of code enforcement.
2/1/14  This is included in the above action.
2/20/14  Rebecca Melancon met wit Carl Smart, Director to discuss this goal and AIBA's participation in resolving problems.
3/11/14  The Leadership Circle met to compile a list of specific items for code compliance to address.
5/20/14  The Leadership Circle met with Carl Smart to discuss this list. Our next step is to meet with all five Commercial Code Compliance Officers.
4. City of Austin should choose local vendors first.
2/1/14  Texas law is often used as the reason Austin can't use more local vendors. However Texas law states that if a local vendor is within 3% of the lowest bid, preference can be given to the local vendor. We are looking at turning this into policy and asking how AIBA can engage more local businesses in the bidding process.


5. Make AIBA a more powerful force at City Hall.
2/1/14  We are working on increasing membership. In fact January 2014 welcomed more new members than every before and almost three times as many as last year with 37 new AIBA members. AIBA members will accompany our executive director on upcoming city council visits.
3/30/14  Rebecca Melancon has worked to build relationaship at city management levels to ensure our concerns are heard from City Council through management to staff.
5/28/14  AIBA will be engaging all City Council candidates in the concerns of local business through the Local Business Pledge through the summer in preparation for November elections. We will also hold Meet & Greets in the IBIZ Districts for each district that is home to an IBIZ District.
6. Hold membership drives.
2/1/14  We're holding a membership drive in March and April that includes new membership materials and events.
3/25/14  We held our first membership drive happy hour at Tiniest Bar in Texas. It was a great success.
5/28/14  We held a Joint Join Us AIBA & SOS Alliance Cruse which brought many new members to AIBA.
7. Create more advertising opportunities for members.
2/1/14  We are currently working on a full page co-op buy in the Austin Chronicle for April, May and June and are in discussions with KUY/KUTX for July and August.
5/28/14  The Chronicle co=op buy was delayed due to Local Business Month, the Armadillo Awards and the upcoming IndieAustin but will be in full swing in July-September.
8. Enhance AIBA member community through an online forum.
2/1/14  We were looking at forum software for the new site but have found an even better option. It's still in development right now but  promises to be awesome. Stay tuned!
9. Include more education for members.
2/1/14  With a new website and planning for Local Business Month, our event schedule isn't done yet but will be soon.

Local Businesses

10. Help increase membership.
2/1/14  We've created new materials for joining AIBA and will have these in members' hands soon.
11. Carry the Buy Local message to customers.
2/1/14  We created Local Business Month and the Armadillo Awards in April. This will highlight local business, AIBA and our members.