CERTIFIED AUSTIN TRUEWe believe that the pursuit of owning a local business is the pursuit of happiness.

We believe that locally owned businesses run by people who care about our community are the foundation of a healthy local economy, not by creating commerce over people but by creating commerce with people. 

We believe that local business is more than the exchange of money for goods and services. It is the action of needs being fulfilled, of human to human interaction. The “hello, how are you doing?” from a clerk, the smile from a waiter or a warm greeting from your favorite barista give us connectivity and a sense of place. Yes, I do need a cup of coffee. But I also need your smile, the chatter of other customers, the scent of warm pastries. 

We believe that connectivity means more than 100 people in a room exchanging business cards. That’s an exchange of information. True connectivity comes from shared experiences, shared struggles, shared hopes and dreams. Local business owners share a connectivity because of who they are—they all had the ambition and courage to pursue a talent, a passion, a dream.

We believe in sharing while competing. Competition makes us all better at what we do. It compels us to push harder and strive longer. But competition should not be at the destruction of others. We all benefit from a healthy local business ecosystem and helping others is part of that. 

Come join us in these beliefs. Come join your peers. Become an AIBA member.

Top Benefits of Membership

1. Marketing Your Business

2. AIBA Community Networking, Events and Special Offers

3. Advocacy for Local Business

4. Educating and Engaging the Public in Local Business



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To be eligible for membership in AIBA, at least 51% of the ownership of your business must reside in Austin and surrounding areas (Round Rock, Pflugerville, Lakeway, etc). Your business need not have a storefront but must be independent and not a franchise. AIBA reserves the right to decline membership to any business it deems not appropriate.

AIBA Policies and Terms


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Local Business Action Figure
Includes your listing in IndieAustin and online, discounts to AIBA events, option to participate in holiday promotions and Co-op Media Buys, promotion of your events and announcements online, in newsletters and in social media and member to member discounts.

$175 annually or $15 monthly

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Includes all member benefits above as well as your listing in IndieAustin and online, and your logo rotating in the header of every page on

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Local Business Champion
Includes all of the above plus your logo with your listing on and in IndieAustin, the option to write two articles per year for the AIBA Blog and the AIBA Community newsletter, and five boosted Facebook posts.

$525 annually or $45 monthly

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Includes all of the above the option to write four articles per year for the AIBA Blog and the AIBA Community newsletter, and 10 boosted Facebook posts. The Local Business Superhero also carries AIBA Partner benefits including your logo and name featured on the Partners & Supporters page of (more than 600,000 hits per month), your logo and name featured on each issue of the bi-weekly AIBA Community Newsletter, and named as an AIBA Supporter at each event hosted by AIBA.

$1,000 annually or $85 monthly