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AIBA is the Voice of Local Business

The local movement began in 2002 with the grassroots formation of the nonprofit Austin Independent Business Alliance (AIBA) and has strengthened ever since. Now verified by local and national studies, we have proven that local business is the cornerstone of a helathy local economy. Through these independent studies and the growing voice of AIBA, evidence of the impact of independent business abounds. In reaction, the public has added their voice, showing that local is a true value in the Austin community. Local means doing business with our neighbors. Local means keeping your money in Austin. Local means investing in Austinites and the city we love.


AIBA was the birth of the local movement. We continue to foster this value and strengthen the local business community. Our collective voice has been strong and clear from the local marketplace to City Hall. This voice has charmed consumers and influenced local government. Our voice needs you to join in the chorus. AIBA needs you to be vocal for local. You don’t need to stand alone any longer.  Join us today.

Throughout this website you will read about the many benefits of membership in AIBA, but the most profound benefit is lending your name to the hundreds of others who stand strong in declaring their independence. The businesses who stand behind AIBA provide the strength of our voice—the Voice of Local Business. Our voice is only as strong as those behind it. Add your voice. Join AIBA today.

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